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You are here: Baby diapers Baby diapers in bales - made in EU!

Baby diapers in bales - made in EU!

Price:  Call for Pricing

Baby diapers in bales - made in EU!
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Baby diapers in bales - made in EU!

+/- 50 % Pull up`s and 50% Diapers inside the bales in mixed sizes. The bales are not cutted what reduce damages diapers per bale.

Mix per bale is:
10 % Scrap
15 % reparable
75 % usable first choice

Weight per bale +/- 170 Kg.
+/- 90 bale per 40ft HQ
Depending on the size mix 1 tons contains from 32.500 to 34.000 diapers.
1 x 40" container can load abt. 15 - 16,5 tons

Price take 2 containers spot is EUR 1040/ton,

Price for 1 container spot with is EUR 1.070/ton.

EXW near Berlin.

Also we can offer:
2 new packing units for diapers, packing till 30 pcs per bag, incl. 1 compressor. 
Availability: 2 weeks after payment
Price for 2 units: € 4.950 , EXW near Berlin

Neutral transparent bags we offer on request.

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